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Is it necessary to choose main theme?

General / 08 February 2020

Sometimes I hear advice that every artist needs to figure out his most striking feature and use it in every artwork. It's a recognizible thing that makes his art unique and brand-like and it's not good to disperse in many different directions. It's great, but I wonder what to do if I feel strong interest to things, that is not straightly linked to one theme that shows best success? I like to use some methods in digital painting that are similar to traditional and classical fantasy genre, but also it's so cool to me to take inspiration in contiguous areas like 3D,cinema, NewWeird style and even typography and design and make experiments just for fun. May be I waste my time, but someone said that "if time was wasted with pleasure, it was not wasted" and that calms me. 

I think I already find that theme. But there's so many great stuff around and focusing on just one thing bores me, even that thing is dragons. Two years ago I opened another theme, may be it's not so cool, but it allows to "touch" a lot of thrilling stuff that stayed left out for very long time. But I post about that next time :) Overall I think it's time for me to find way for more enveloping represetntations of my ideas, give them less scattered appearance, and in first that require better planing. So I think - what if the deal is about comprehensiveness of a concept, but not "beating the same point"?

And here's more dragons as example of that kind of theme =)