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Fantasy characters and dynamics

General / 24 February 2020

For last three years I work on illustrations for "Heavens" game, that is popular in social network VK. That game is enough old project and in the beginning it's art had been made by Graphite studio, so it have quite high plank of quality. When I received offering to work for that game, I were very happy because rules of it's style require high-detailed hand painting, and that is what I like the most. Also there's not very strict guidelines in design of characters, and I have enough freedom to invent something that is interesting for me to draw. But also there's goal to make characters look very epic and I were surprised what ways art director told me to use. I knew that silhouette and pose is important, but I didn't realize how really much it is. That was time to beat down some rules of realism that left in my mind after art college, when everything needs to be static as a model, who sits still for 3 hours while students paint. Action poses is total opposite to that, and I figured out one rule - if you think you put enough dynamics into drawing, push a little more =) And throw up into air everything that is not nailed to the ground.

Here's some girls I draw for that project.