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Book covers

General / 18 February 2020

Since my husband started writing fantasy fiction, I just cannot stand aside and began to draw his characters. My own fantasy folks went to backside for a while, and that was strange for me because before I draw someone's else fantasies very rarely. I even afraid that my own things became forgotten, but as I see after three years of this collaboration everything is still okay when I come back to them.

The very fun side of books as personal project is cover art. I studied a bit about them, watched cool examples as Star Wars covers or comic books, and learned some basic rules.

1. The cover must look nicely even it is thumbnail size - most book stores shows very small sized covers. In it's composition there must be reading simplest figure as triangles, stripes,  and easy-to-read significant shapes and silhouettes, and some striking color accents. Also it's cool to choose one or two colors of the spot. 

2. Typography means a half of success. If it's bad, it ruins best art, if it's cool, may be there's no art necessary at all. I use simple scheme by dividing text into blocks and letters always take not less than one third of a cover. 

3. Book cover is not illustration, moreover, I think today book covers are similar to musical album covers - main thing is mood, atmosphere and extent of  dynamics. I like to draw characters, and put them into just nice poses, but unlike illustrations there's no necessary to depict concrete scene. However, It's cool if a scene may be portrayed in cover rules, but scene itself is not main goal.