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Evolution of my dragons

General / 31 January 2020

Well, it's may by my favorite thing to draw since I were ten yen years old. Their look strongly inspired by old cartoon Flight of Dragons, Falcor from Neverending Story and HoMM3, and coolest one is from DragonHeart movie - I think it's best representation of a dragon in cinema. Sorry, Smaug =) Also there's amazing dragon character in movie "The last dragonslayer" from 2016 , it is unfairly overlooked.

I like to see them as intelligent creatures, strong and sometimes dangerous, but mostly calm and friendly, they are not monsters. View of them like just huge winged lizards don't touches me.

So, this one I made after visiting "Artillery" event in Saint-Petersburg in 2017, where Ayran Oberto showed his works on giant screen. I were amazed of his brushwork and after intently seeing it I understand a lot about edge control, sharpening the accents  and importance of contrast of tiny and large forms. I think everyone here knows his works, but it's always nice to see them once more - 

And to speak about self-education, I think it's possible to learn a lot by just paying more attention to best examples of artworks. When I just begin learning how to draw fantasy, I had no internet and fantasy images at all were quite rare stuff, and my "teachers" were Boris Vallejo and Keith Parkinson. Some years later there's also Todd Lockwood, John Howe and other masters - I spend hours by gazing at their works :) This is from 2007, when I used Corel Painter.

And here's veeeeeery old drawing, I think I were 13 =) Some principles of dragons designs still useful to me, and I wasted lot of paper to have fun by making sketches like this.